Business Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

Pikhaya is a searchable database of every commercial property in England & Wales, with data on rent, employee costs, rates, revenue and profit margins, and links to live listings on Zoopla. This helps you find the right customers, in the right numbers, and in premises that are in the right place, and of the right size, for rent you can afford.

If you're using Pikhaya, you don't have to hope your business will be successful. You'll know.

Searchable maps
Search our maps

Find your ideal business, get a feel for where your competitors are based, shift easily back and forth from the map to reports on individual businesses, or on local regions.

Filter for your needs

Limit search results to only those businesses you can afford, for industries you're interested in, and where the revenue will support your family and lifestyle, filter further by only those properties listed for sale or rent.

Precision filtering
Individual property reports
Learn about any business

Individual property reports give only the data you need to assess whether your business will work in that site. Go directly from your results to properties being offered via Zoopla.

Understand the local community

Ensure you understand the environment where your business will be based, as well as the other types of businesses that will be your neighbours. All of this will help you gain insight into the people who will be your customers.

Regional reports
Zoopla listings
Go from Search to Zoopla

We match Zoopla live listings to our database, allowing you to go from discovering your ideal business location to a real opportunity.